Legal IT Biz Show - Europe's Largest Specialist Legal IT Exhibition

This was the official website for the Legal IT Business Show 2013: Europe's Largest Specialist Legal IT Exhibition.
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Legal IT Business Show 2013:
Europe's Largest Specialist Legal IT Exhibition +120 Demo Showcases Across 8 Business Themes

How It Works

  • 128 Showcases Across 8 Key Technology Themes Will Run Throughout The Day In Their Own Enclosed Pods Within The Exhibition Hall. These Are Small-Group, Peer-Led Discussions With Limited Numbers, Each Lasting For 30 Minutes. Click here for more details.
  • Use The App To Help You Plan Your Day And Book On Showcases, Network With Other Attendees Plus Explore The Extensive Exhibition Area Between Sessions. Click here for more details.
  • Take Advantage Of Our Community Of Independent Legal IT Experts Who Have Years Of Expertise Across All Our Themed Sectors, Here To Help You Avoid The Pitfalls Of Making The Wrong Decision For Your Business. Click here for more details.
Legal Process Management & Litigation Costs
Enterprise Apps, Mobility & BYOD
Integrating Cloud Services
Outsourcing & Managed Services
Key Security Challenges
Emergent Tech & New Business Models
CRM, Client & Business Intelligence
The Future of Document Management
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Opening Times

We're extremely fortunate to have Gerard Hubling (Mambo IT) opening the conversations with his cutting edge discussion on the critical use of cloud technology to source applications focused on modernizing legacy systems. His work on migrating legacy systems has won the attention of both industry and governments and his ideas have been instrumental in the deployment of forward looking systems, including container orchestration (Kubernetes) and DevOps.

Tuesday 5th March: 9:30 - 5:00

Wednesday 6th March: 9:30 - 4:30

8 Key Business Themes:

  • Legal Process Management & Litigation Costs
  • Enterprise Apps, Mobility & BYOD
  • Integrating Cloud Services
  • Outsourcing & Managed Services
  • Key Security Challenges
  • Emergent Tech & New Business Models
  • CRM, Client & Business Intelligence
  • The Future of Document Management

Legal IT Decision Makers Need To Be Able To Demo Your Products!

Our new sales-light demo and peer-compare proposition is proving extremely attractive to Legal IT decision makers. With Legal IT Show attendance limited to CEOs, Partners, Heads of Marketing, Business Development or CRM Managers to IT Heads, Risk Officers or Practice Managers they need to see you to compare you! For further information about how we can make it compelling and easy for buyers to get closer to your products please call +44 (0)20 7017 5755 or email

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"It’s a great event to attend to catch up with exhibitors and find out more about the latest technology, products and services on offer in the legal IT sector. The new features to this year’s show were definitely beneficial and I’ll certainly be back next year."
Tim Long

Compare Game-Changing Technologies Across Eight Key Showcase Themes

As a complement to the exhibition, participate in over 128 small-group, peer-led showcases across 8 key business themes. Each showcase will be hosted by firms at the cutting-edge of legal technology from top industry brands, to independent thought-leaders to innovative up-and-coming start-ups at the cutting edge of new practice.

Showcase Pod 1
The Future of Document Management

Showcase Pod 2
Legal Process Management & Litigation Costs

Showcase Pod 3
Enterprise Apps, Mobility & BYOD
Showcase Pod 4
Integrating Cloud Services

Showcase Pod 5
Outsourcing & Managed Services
Showcase Pod 6
Key Security & Risk Challenges

Showcase Pod 7
CRM, Client & Business Intelligence
Showcase Pod 8
Emergent Tech & New Business Models

The new solution-packed all-day showcase schedule is repeated daily, making it an intensive, time and cost effective experience.

Register and You Will Be Prompted Pre-Book Your Showcase Schedule In Advance: The showcases are small-group and places are limited on each day, so to ensure you get a place you can use our Online App. Pre-Booking Opens February 18th 2013.

Tailor Your Agenda & Your Experience With The Great New App!


The Legal IT Business Show App will completely change your experience at this industry leading event.

You will be able to precision plan your day in advance to suit you and your team's business needs, find out who is attending and plan meetings with those all important industry contacts.

Register and You Will Prompted When The App Goes Live 18th February 2013: Here Are Just A Few Of The Special App Features

  • Access the event programme and personalise to your preferred sessions
  • Sign up to small-group game-changer demo-showcases or independent How-To -Buy thoughtleader sessions to ensure your place
  • Schedule business meetings with other business leaders.
  • View all event exhibitors and sponsors
  • Keep in touch with all legal IT Business Show social media coverage
  • Instant message other attendees
  • Use the App up to one week after the event to continue networking.
  • Personalise your App profile with your photo and biography for improved networking opportunities

Why You Should Exhibit Your Solutions & Showcase Your Story At The Legal IT Business Show

Join Us - Book Your Stand and Demo-Showcase Presence Now!
Ensure you have a powerful presence at Legal IT Business Show 2013 by booking your stand and showcase now!
We are more than happy to discuss the various exhibiting and showcase opportunities available to you, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.
Please contact Matthew Robinson: or +44 (0) 20 7017 5755

What's Our Story? Why Should You Exhibit and Demo-Showcase at Legal IT Business Show 2013?

Once upon time - last year in fact - IT purchasers asked us to come up with a brand new proposition that would combine a classic exhibition, with a range of small-group low pressure demo showcases. Add in peer to peer discussion and a packed, full-day, time-effective schedule that would enable experiencing everything in one day, plus a mobile app that would enable precision- planning in advance and we had a very compelling tale for time-stretched, problem-challenged legal IT decision makers. With its well-established reputation added to this brand new range of dynamic features delivering even more benefits, the new Legal IT Business Show has become the big new story in UK legal business IT calendar. 

Tell Your Compelling Story? The Legal IT Business Show 2013 Gives You The Opportunity To Tell How Your latest Innovations Can Transform Businesses, Stave Off Disaster And Create Fortunes... 

3 Unique Benefits of Participating In The Legal IT Business Show 2013

1. ) Access To More Legal IT Decision Makers Than Any Other Event.
The Legal IT Show Business Show 2012 drew over 1000 legal professional IT decision maker delegates from around the UK and Continental Europe. From Partners to business heads such as those responsible for IT, Marketing or Risk to Practice Managers or In-house Counsel, the event attracts both major firms to franchises to stand alone business.

2) The Legal IT Business Show Gives IT Buyers What They Want: The Option Of Low Pressure, Learning Opportunities That Will Help Them Make Their Decisions - You Will Not Make The Shortlist If You Are Not There!
By giving delegate the combination of learning options, The Legal IT Business Show gives your potential clients what they want. They can relax, take objective advice from our " How To Buy" Thoughtleaders, compare notes with peers and concentate on which of whole range of legal business IT solutions and systems is best for solve their many new business issues and management challenges.

3) A New Enjoyable And Inspirational Way To Market your Products
Broad exhibitions combined with small-group discursive showcase experiences deliver real potential customers directly to you. Low pressure situations that bringing you face-to-face with potential customers who want to learn more about the benefits you can bring. Now with our enhanced package of Demo- Showcases; "How to Buy" Expert Sessions, Peer To Peer Discussion, Vendor/Client Speednetworking, VIP Drinks Networking Hubs plus our new App - the Legal IT Business Show is even greater value to the customer - and thus to you.

Small-Group How-To-Buy Strategy Labs

Take advantage of our community of independent Legal IT experts, here to help you ask the right questions and avoid the pitfalls of making the wrong investment decision for your business.

Get an in-depth short cut to years of expertise across all our themed sectors, from:

  • Legal Process Management & Litigation Costs
  • Enterprise Apps, Mobility & BYOD
  • Integrating Cloud Services
  • Outsourcing & Managed Services
  • Key Security Challenges
  • Emergent Tech & New Business Models
  • CRM, Client & Business Intelligence
  • The Future of Document Management

Pre-Booking Your Sessions: Register and you will be prompted when the App goes live on 18th February 2013. Use our App to book a place from our range of small- group Strategy Labs. Sessions are run first thing from 10:30 - 11:00 and straight after lunch 2:00 - 2:30.

Independent Experts confirmed to date:

> Outsourcing "How To Buy" Thought-Leader Session
How To Make The Best Outsourcing Decisions For Your Business: When & What Should You Outsource & When & What Should You Keep In-House
Chris Bull, Consultant and Principal, EDGE INTERNATIONAL 

> DM & KM "How To Buy" Thought-Leader Session
Which Are The Best DM & KM Solutions To Fit Your Business Objectives? Objective Views On How To Assess The Options
Gerard Bredenoord, Director, KNOWLEDGE INNOVATIONS

> Legal Process Management "How To Buy" Thought- Leader Session
Making Sure You Invest In The Most Appropriate legal Process Management Systems For Your firm: The Why, What and How

> Cloud "How To Buy" Thought- Leader Session
Getting It Right & Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Buying Cloud Services – What To Look Out For, What To Take Into Account when Making Your Purchasing Decision For Your Business

> Compliance "How To Buy" Thought- Leader Session
An Objective Perspective On How To Decide On The Optimum Compliance technology For Your Firm
Juanita Gobby, Director, LEGAL EYE

> Mobility “How To Buy” Thought-leader Session: New Research
The Why To Buy And What to Look For When Considering Investing In Optimum Mobility Solutions for Your Business: An Independent View
Rupert Collins-White, Head of Content and Community,

> Risk & Security “How To Buy” Thoughtleader Session
How To Ensure That You Purchase The Optimum Risk & Security Technology For Your Firm: What To Ask and What To Expect When Considering The Alternatives

Independent "How To Buy" Experts

Matthew Tasker Co-founder and a Director THE COMPLIANCE PEOPLE
Gerard Bredenoord Director KNOWLEDGE INNOVATIONS
Juanita Gobby Director LEGAL EYE

Eight Compelling Business Reasons To Join Us In 2013

  • Unique Proposition Combines Broad Exhibition With The Depth Of 120 Peer- Led, Demo- Showcases Across 8 Business Themes: Which means giving you the tools to be well-informed and well -armed in tricky commercial times. The Legal IT Business Show 2013 will showcase the cutting-edge of legal technology, whether it comes from established industry leaders or up-and-coming start-ups, and will highlight customer insights, peer experiences, objective advice, hands-on trials and networking opportunities to make game-changing connections. Click here for details.
  • Compare 100s of Game-Changing Solutions From Over 60 Vendors At The Largest Gathering Of The Latest Legal IT Business Technologies. The new structured showcase format will enable you see, demo, test and compare different solutions with peers, objective experts and vendors in a low-pressure environment. All this to ensure that your business remains as effective and efficient as possible in this new highly competitive landscape.
  • A Low-Pressure Short-Cut To The Right Purchasing Decision: Wrong decisions can be very expensive! Get it right via the unique combination of classic exhibition plus relaxed yet structured small-group, peer-led showcase discussions. Add free “how-to“ perspectives from objective opinion formers and you have a short cut to easily comparing technologies and viewpoints.
  • Tailor Your Experience With The App: With a dazzling 128 showcases on offer across eight business themes, it’s crucial to be able to tailor your and your team’s needs in advance and on the day. Luckily the App ensures that you can maximise your opportunities across the board! Click here for details.
  • Plan & Book Your Day In Advance: Save time by using our advance online planner to ensure that you are booked on the small-group game-changing showcases of greatest relevance to your business. As showcases are repeated over the two days you have multiple opportunities to book a place.
  • Try, Test & Discuss It All In Just One Day: Our new intensive format is repeated each day, enabling you to both maximise your experience and spend minimum time out of the office.
  • Network Target Connections And Arrange Meetings: Participate in daily speed networking and use the App to connect with other delegates and arrange meetings at the show or in the venue’s great in–house café.
  • Enjoy The Buzz And A Packed Schedule: Participate in a really energised experience in one of London’s greatest historical venues - The old Horticultural Halls.

What do people think about The New Legal IT Forum?

"For Linetime, the Legal IT Show is a must-attend event in the legal sector. Our stand was consistently busy across both days of the show and we were impressed with the number and seniority of visitors. Crucially a number of new clients have contracted with Linetime as a direct result of contact at the show. For legal practices the show is an excellent opportunity to meet with leading software suppliers and to review the latest software available."
Tony Klejnow
Managing Director
"By far the best Legal IT exhibition weve ever attended. Eclipses stand was consistently busy over the full 2-day period - weve come away with some fantastic new contacts and developed some very strong relationships. Legal IT stands apart as being the calendars key event in pairing software vendors with senior-level buyers."
Darren Gower
Marketing Manager
"It’s good to come to this show as all the principal London firms exhibit here. A number of the leading players in the industry were exhibiting this year, which was very appealing. I enjoy coming to the Legal IT Show each year as there are plenty of companies for me to meet and potentially partner with, which makes it a hugely worthwhile exhibition."
Neil Barker
"It’s a great event to attend to catch up with exhibitors and find out more about the latest technology, products and services on offer in the legal IT sector. The new features to this year’s show were definitely beneficial and I’ll certainly be back next year."
Tim Long
"This year was an excellent show and I found it really informative. I listened to the discussions at Speaker’s Corner during both the morning and afternoon sessions and found the keynote speakers really good and very interesting."
John Acey
"As a first time exhibitor at Legal IT, NetBenefit was impressed with the quality of conversations we had with visiting delegates. Visitors to our stand from legal firms and fellow exhibitors alike were decision-makers within their organisations and had relevant live issues they wanted to discuss. The event was well organised with staff from Legal IT/Informa on hand throughout the process to assist."
Kristel Scattergood
Marketing Manager
"For us, the Legal IT Show is the only show worth exhibiting at. All of our sales team have been busy throughout the day. Legal IT is a great forum to launch a new product or service as all the industry leaders attend the event."
Eleanor Howell
DPS Software

Who Visits The Legal It Business Show?

The Legal IT Business Show welcomes over 1000 legal business professionals from around the UK:

  • 82% of the visitors were of a managerial position or higher
  • 97% of the visitors are involved in the decision-making process

Would you like to meet these people?

  • Legal Partners/ Equity Partners
  • Practice Managers
  • In house Counsel From Private & Public Sector
  • Legal IT Directors/ Systems Directors 
  • Legal Practice Business Development Managers 
  • Legal Purchasing Advisors